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These brothers I visited in 2013 where they took me to the different villages and I was given the opportunity to preach to the different villages that we went to.  My translator was the father of Timothy Bontha. He is the young man in the picture with his family.  His father as my interpreter led the many outreaches, where different brothers have laboured with the gospel. Tim’s father died in 2014.  This family are humble people who are doing what they can to hold themselves together and continue to do the work of evangelism.  Will you pray for them?  Will you ask God what you can do to help spread the gospel through a contribution for these men who labour so?  All gifts will go directly to the work nothing goes to me.  Even a small gift will go a long way in India. Become a Partner  today!!  Thank you in Christ name.

Tim’s Family, sister on the left, wife on the right, mother below with his two children.

Timothy Bontha family

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