About Me

A Brother

Hi, I’m Tim and my wife is Elizabeth.  We have one daughter.  She and her husband reside in our home with their two wonderful children Mark (two and a half years old) and Esther (2 weeks).   I’ve been in Christ for the last forty years now.  I have never been the kind of man that seeks to control others through titles and traditions of men.  Christ called ordinary men to live out His life in them in an extraordinary way. I have been much like a sheep that just never fit into the man-centered churches.  It took some time for me to come to the revelation of Christ over His people, where He is directing Himself through His body, the church.  This kind of hybrid church for twenty three years was my beginning.  Thankfully that has all changed since I left the man-centered gathering and found my place in His body.

The last eighteen years, my family has been gathering with other fellow saints in our homes.  We have escaped the religious matrix and the veil of Mystery Babylon has been removed.  This has allowed us to see “Church” in a very different light.  Instead of the control mechanism of pastors, priests, and popes, we now understand what the problem is and what is the solution.  We have returned to the church that we read in the Bible where Jesus Christ is head and we regard  one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God.  Because we are part of one another through His Spirit there are no divisions like the denominations and your local pastor enterprise called So-and-So’s church.  Jesus gives us His life and through His Spirit we enter into this divine fellowship together, collectively without man in control.  All of this is needed to reveal the error of man’s efforts to build themselves a kingdom in the name of Christ.  Christ does not build as man does and those who trample on the divine rule of Jesus Christ will find only carnality.

We desire to serve the body of Christ as his servants.  We so desire to see the body restored to what the early church was, that is a relational family with Christ leading us in everything.  We trust that our labour to help restore the headship of Christ, will be a great blessing to you, as you find HIM in a new and wonderful way.

Tim Germain