The New Wineskin

The Voice of God

 As A Wise Master Builder…

To Build according to the pattern we are to follow the Apostles Ways..

What they did…

  • In Christ we are His building, His temple. Ephesians 2:21,22 1 Cor.3:16
  • The church is HIS (Jesus) body.   Ephesians 2:23
  • The body gathered in their homes. 1 Cor.16:19 Acts 20:21 Romans 16:4
  • The body functioned by ever part participating.  Ephesian 4:16  1 Cor.14:26-37
  • No letter in the bible is addressed to a pastor, ever!  Romans, Ephesians.etc
  • Timothy was Pauls fellow worker, apostle. 1 Thes.2:6
  • There is no clergy/laity distinctions in the New Testament. Matt.23:8
  • Apostles have no dominion over one’s faith. 2 Cor.1:24
  • Tithing is never practised as New Testament giving. 1 Cor.16:1-4
  • You put your self under a curse by tithing. Gal.3:10
  • The church has no lords but Christ, over them.  Luke 22:23-27
  • No such thing as The Pastor of A church.  Elders are always plural Act14:23; 20:17
  • No such things as choirs, bands, special singers. Not there!
  • We are to follow the tradition of the apostles. 2 Thes.3:6,7
  • They had a meal (Lords Supper) when they came together.  1 Cor.11:20-26



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2 thoughts on “The New Wineskin

  1. 100% agree, the true remnant of Christ is what has kept alive the true Ekklesia and it is time for it to awaken. No more mans churches. But Christs Ekklesia. God bless you and the work your doing.